Dual Immersion Academy Bilingual Culture Mural

Traditional icons of United States and Latin culture are shown in this mural designed and painted by me for Dual Immersion Academy in Salt Lake City, UT.

To depict Latin and U.S. culture, in cooperation with the teachers and administration of D.I.A. I chose the following symbols:

Literature: Latin – Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes U.S. – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
Dancing attire: Latin – Andean dress U.S. – Poodle skirt
Musicians: Latin – Mariachi performer U.S. – Jazz trumpeter
Foods: Latin – Chocolate, taco, beans and rice U.S. – Chips, fries, soda and hamburgers
Food wordplay: Latin – Burrito, U.S. – Hot dog

Thanks to Dual Immersion Academy for giving me the creative freedom to have fun with this!