Cafe Wave – Interior Design and Mosaic Murals

When Utah entrepreneur John Jeandrevin noticed a lack of truly unique dining experiences on the South side of Salt Lake County, one of the first solutions to his building remodel was to find an artist for a mosaic tile mural.

John contacted me to design a mosaic backsplash for the kitchen workspace, which was to be openly visible to customer traffic. Once my design was proposed, John enjoyed my design sense so much that he hired me on as a contractor to do the interior design for the entire remodel.

With the help of assistants Amy Sowards, Alan Lewis, Carrie Whiting and Jynja Calderon I assembled and installed mosaics for the kitchen backsplash, the space above the kitchen hood, the base of the platform seating area, and a special mosaic mural for the dining room.

Occupied with the interior design work, I also subcontracted another local mosaic artist, the amazing Jynja Calderon, to design and install a couple pillar mosaics for the kitchen area.

Over the course of the next few months, I helped to design window seating and a new front counter, chose colors of hardwood for flooring and custom tables, envisioned a platform seating area, and of course worked on the custom mosaics for the restaurant.

I also designed the logo, the business sign (with help from Impact Signs which created it), and created the chalkboard menus.

Special thanks go out to Bennett Lee of The Design House for consultation to help refine the color scheme of the restaurant and fine-tune my designs, and to Abby Felt-Balfour of Felt Lighting for her expertise to improve the lighting on the mosaics and the entire restaurant.

Thanks to I Heart Salt Lake for the positive review!