Seven Peaks Waterpark – Tropical Mural Paintings

From the outside, not much remains of the look of Salt Lake’s Wild Wave Pool (later named Raging Waters when it expanded into a water park). Where very simple waves used to surround the entrance buildings to the park, now large leaves, flowers and vine trees tower high. Among the foliage many tropical animals are painted, including a lemur, a leopard, a toucan and a flamingo.

One of my main goals in redesigning the water park was to emphasize that it is no longer simply a pool or even a waterslide park, but part of a chain of theme-based amusement parks. Bold, consistent color themes and large interactions of shapes are the unifying visual elements among the myriad tropical plants and creatures. Fun, cute, and professional are the three main characteristics I wanted to achieve.

Gary Brinton, CEO of Seven Peaks Waterparks was very happy with the result saying, “Whiting’s mural was an incredible value and the end result exceeded our expectations.”

Thanks to assistants Alan Lewis, Amy Sowards, Dominic Suazo, and Mike Christiansen for their help with the project!