Kearns Junior High School – Mural and Mosaics

Teenagers at Kearns Junior High worked with me from October 2011 until April 2012 to create a 60-foot-long work of art showing the core values they represent.

For the first stage of the project the youth brainstormed and sketched ways to show the value statement of the school: that the students should be effective communicators, critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and life long learners. In order to show these concepts, the youth sketched flags, flowers, buildings, the White House, etc. The youth then acted out these different ideas. The photographs of their poses were traced to create the silhouettes of the mural. These sketches and silhouettes were collaged to create the design of the mural. Finally, the next few months were spent painting the design.

For the second stage of the project, the youth decided which core values were most important to them, such as caring, open-mindedness, creativity, etc. The youth then designed the 30-foot mosaic section of the mural on the outside of the school based upon these values. The youth’s vision ended up being much more colorful, silly and fun.

The project was made possible by a generous grant from Target Corporation to ShelterKids, with additional support by Salt Lake County Youth Services, which directs the after-school program at Kearns Junior High.

The mural was unveiled at the Kearns After School Parent Night on April 25th.

Thanks to the Taylorsville/Kearns Journal for their coverage of the project.